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Adhar Organic Fertilizer 

Adhar Gold is an unique organic fertilizer for healthy and Eco-friendly farming. It contains Neem in major Proportion, Animal excreta, Vegetable matter, Organic Minerals & Enzymes. Neem is a natural soil conditioner that helps improve the quality of soil, thereby enhancing the growth of plants and fruits. It not only helps plant grow, but also prevents them from being destroyed by certain pests and insects. Organic soil conditioner is gaining popularity in agriculture industry because the are organic , they have no harmful effects and are cheaper than the other soil conditioners. This natural soil conditioner is also multi functional in the sub tropical regions. Neem soil conditioner application in crops is known to be a soil enhancer that help to increase its fertility.

Vermicompost enhances plant growth, suppresses disease in plants, increases porosity and microbial activity in soil, and improves water retention and aeration. Vermicompost also benefits the environment by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and decreasing the amount of waste going to landfills. Vermi composting is a type of composting in which certain species of earthworms are used to enhance the process of organic waste conversion and produce a better end-product. It is a mesophilic process utilizing microorganisms and earthworms. Earthworms feeds the organic waste materials and passes it through their digestive system and gives out in a granular form (cocoons) which is known as vermi-compost.
For centuries, animal manure has been recognized as a soil “builder” because of its contributions to improving soil quality. Environmental benefits are possible from manure application if manure and manure nutrients are applied and timing and placement follows best management practices. When compared to more conventional fertilizer, manure properly applied to land has the potential to provide environmental benefits including: Increased soil carbon and reduced atmospheric carbon levels Reduced soil erosion and runoff Reduced nitrate leaching Reduced energy demands for natural gas-intensive nitrogen(N) fertilizers
Compost brings and feeds diverse life in the soil. These bacteria, fungi, insects, worms and more support healthy plant growth. Compost bacteria break down organics into plant available nutrients. Some bacteria convert nitrogen from the air into a plant available nutrient. Compost enriched soil have lots of beneficial insects, worms and other organisms that burrow through soil keeping it well aerated. Compost may suppress diseases and harmful pests that could overrun poor, lifeless soil. Healthy soil is an important factor in protecting our waters. Compost increases soil’s ability to retain water & decreases runoff. Runoff pollutes water by carrying soil, fertilizers and pesticides to nearby streams. Compost encourages healthy root systems, which decrease runoff Compost can reduce or eliminate use of synthetic fertilizers Compost can reduce chemical pesticides since it contains beneficial microorganisms that may protect plants from diseases and pests. Only a 5% increase in organic material quadruples soils water holding capacity.
This is a powerful natural insecticide. The extract from the seeds of the Neem is a hormone disruptor which also prevents the insects from feeding on the growing crops. Organic pesticides focus on providing solutions and relief from various types of insects that causes massive damages to the plants being grown in a farm. These products are made of natural materials that have properties of killing or keeping out pests from within the range of your planted field. Unlike the conventional pesticides that rely on convenience, these do require time and preparation in order to put up a successful battle.

100% Organic

It is a Neem Based organic soil nutrient supplement which improves the soil fertility and soil structure in a natural way.

Protection from Insects

It protects from all kind of insects and thus increasing productivity

Safe to Use

Being organic it is Eco-Friendly with no adverse effect on human being, animals and the environment.

Multi Purpose

It is suitable for all types of Crop. Because it is totally made by Organic raw materials

Eco-Friendly & Pocket Friendly

It reduces the necessity of chemical Fertilizers and therefore reduce the cost of cultivation

Made with Perfection

It contains Neem in major propotion, Animal excreta, Vegetable matter, Organic Minerals & Enzymes

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